Louth Choral Society

Established before 1836

Our history

It was at a meeting on Monday 26th November 1866 that Louth Choral Society was formed and performing members were asked to pay the sum of four shillings as a subscription for the term.

Originally intended as a male voice choir, it was decided by the committee that a number of ladies be invited to join, but without paying a subscription. The Choral Society was directed by Mr John Porter, who in the same year had taken up his appointment as Organist and Choirmaster of the Parish Church. He held both these positions until 1897.

The Society ceased to exist for a time after this, but in 1946 a meeting was held to discuss the possibility of a re-formation. Mr Hedley Warr was elected Chairman, and a formal proposal was made that Louth Choral Society be revived under the conductorship of Mr Harold Dexter.